You’re here, so you must be after some Brazilian flavors you could easily throw together to make a delicious meal, yea? Or maybe you’re just looking for good food, that’s easy to put together and can make all your mid-week dinner nightmares go away forever?

Well, come here, you! Gimme a virtual hug and two loud smacking cheek kisses, cos you’re in the right place!

Welcome, amigos!

My name is Aline (and in case you need help pronouncing it, it’s like ah-lee-knee, and rhymes with fettuccine). I’m the do-it-all here at Brazilian Kitchen Abroad – my little corner of the internet where I help folks from all over easily make delicious food that’s packed with Brazilian flavors.

Picture this… The garlicky smell of refogado wafting throughout your entire house. A fresh pot of beans for the week. And all the of brigadeiro for special birthday treats. I can help you with all that!

Whether you’re a Brazilian living abroad or you’re just curious about Brazilian food, I hope to inspire you to cook something new, and to explore recipes you wouldn’t otherwise have thought of! Like these super easy to make authentic Brazilian tapiocas!

What readers are saying:

“I just tried your black beans recipe. OMG!!! My wife is one happy little carioca right now. Thank you so much!”

– Rachel, Australia

I am not Brazilian, but I have friends in Brazil and the past couple of years I have been traveling there. […] I started to google all the different desserts and recipes I was interested in and […] I found your instructions and recipe to be most understandable and appealing. From my research it isn’t easy to find good resources (in English) for Brazilian recipes. Thanks so much!”

Michelle, NYC

I’m also Brazilian and I couldn’t be happier when I found you online while looking for a canjica recipe […] I’m looking forward to learning a lot more from your recipes, specially now that my 3yr old started getting picky about certain things. I miss home too! And being able to eat “um feijãozinho c/ arroz” (rice and beans) like home is priceless. Thank you for all you do.”

– Danny 

About Brazilian Kitchen Abroad

I started Brazilian Kitchen Abroad inspired by my mom and the great old days we spent in our little kitchen in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Not only did I love eating everything she prepared, but I cherished hanging out with her, watching all the love, care, and technique she put into every dish. All that came in handy when I moved to the US, where the only way to get a taste of home was putting into practice what I learned in the kitchen with my mom.

In the beginning though, the simplest Brazilian dishes were a major nightmare to put together. I didn’t know how to properly translate some of the ingredients, so I had no clue I could easily find them in my local grocery stores. Before every step I’d take in my California kitchen, I had to call my mom. Otherwise, I’d end up crying on the floor over pork ribs that I swore gave me brain worms (don’t laugh at me, this is a very real story!)

But I kept at it. I missed real Brazilian dishes, and I didn’t want to have to go to a restaurant every time I wanted those familiar flavors. And even more importantly, because I wanted my new family and friends to have a sense of my childhood, and an understanding of my culture, just as I was loving to discover new flavors and dishes in my new home abroad.

Brazilian Kitchen Abroad is a space where I can reconnect with my culture and collect all my resources and recipes to make everyday food that’s packed with Brazilian flavors. It’s your one and only resource for classic recipes I grew up eating, and a whole bunch of new ones I’m exploring. My goal for Brazilian Kitchen Abroad is to not only help you make legit Brazilian food wherever you are in the world, but also to empower you in the kitchen to cook whatever you like! I want you to be a savvy cook who feels great about what you’re making, whether it’s a grilled cheese or a complete Feijoada for your whole entire familia. You got this, amigo!

About Me

Oi!! I’m Aline Shaw, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I lived in Los Angeles for 10+ years, then made my way to the Lone Star State of Texas, where I now live in Dallas. I’m a trained chef with a culinary degree from Le Cordon Bleu, a published food photographer, a recipe developer, and a passionate culinary coach. After working in professional kitchens, running a catering business, and serving as a private chef, I founded Brazilian Kitchen Abroad to help people all over the world introduce delicious Brazilian flavors to their everyday cooking.

I’m a clumsy girl who talks way too loud and laughs even louder. When I’m not cooking, I’m FaceTiming my mom, spending quality time with my French bulldog Leopold and loving on my friends hard.

Oh, and also, I graduated UCLA Class of 2010. Where my Bruins at?!

Let’s Connect!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can reach out anytime via email oi(at)braziliankitchenabroad(dot)com to ask any questions, let me know how you’re doing, and how I can support you in your culinary journey.

I LOVE when you shoot me a note to share photos of the dishes you’ve cooked so I can cheer you on and celebrate with you. We’re in this together!

Come say hi!

Last updated on April, 2019.