Brazilian Soccer Party Food Ideas – Recipes to celebrate the World Cup

Celebrate Soccer and the Fifa World Cup with these delicious Brazilian Soccer Party Food Ideas! Choose your faves from this list of refreshing cocktails, snacks, churrasco, and of course, desserts to share with your amigos while you watch your favorite teams play.

A compilation of four images that illustrate Brazilian soccer party food ideas - cheese bread, a passion fruit cocktail, sliced tri tip and a slice of brigadeiro cake.

So you’re watching the World Cup?

Here’s what you should be eating to enjoy the game like a true Brazilian Soccer Fan!

Oi, Gente!

It’s no secret Brazilians know soccer and take it seriously. So the Fifa World Cup is an event we love to celebrate, especially when our national team plays. It’s always a party, and these soccer party foods are some of the things we eat while watching the games.

Whether you’re watching with family or hosting a soccer party with friends, I’ve got loads of Brazilian recipe recommendations for you.

Included in this list are crowd-pleasing appetizers, side dishes, mains, desserts, drinks, and even churrasco ideas to cover all our bases.

So gather around your living room stadium TV and try one (or many!) of these recipes to celebrate the World Cup like a real Brazilian soccer fan.

Bom Apetite!!!

Beijinhos & Vai Brasil-il-il-il!!!

Here are some of our favorite Soccer Party Food Ideas!

A compilation of three images that illustrate Brazilian soccer party foods - a passion fruit cocktail, sliced tri tip and Brazilian flan.

Appetizers & Snacks:

Our Soccer Party Food Ideas start with these mouthwatering finger foods. They are great for small gatherings or to start your party off right.

Pão de Queijo – Brazilian Cheese Bread Recipe

Brazilian cheese bread, or pão de queijo as we call them in Portuguese, are a true gift to the universe! This typical Brazilian snack is lightly crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside, and has a cheese flavor that just hugs your mouth. This Brazilian cheese bread recipe is easy to make

Cachorro Quente – Brazilian Hot Dogs

These Brazilian Hot Dogs are a classic Brazilian childhood favorite! They’re a special treat that’s easy to make and tastes oh-so-special. They’re cooked in a tomato sauce with veggies to elevate their flavors and can be topped with a ton of fun stuff, from the sauce they’re cooked in to Parmesan cheese, some Batata Palha potato sticks, or anything you like!

Loaded Street Hot Dogs

Street hot dogs are known for taking plain old hot dogs to a whole new level. But there are a million and one different ways to make a killer street dog. Each country, city, neighborhood has its own version of what “a typical street dog” should include, and this recipe has all the special things

Tuna Dip Recipe (Pastinha de Atum)

This easy canned Tuna Dip recipe is full of flavor and comes together in minutes! Just measure, mix and you’re done! And the best part? All you need are five easy to find ingredients to make your Pastinha de Atum Tuna dip! Plus, you can serve it as a dip, on a sandwich or in wraps. It’s great as an afternoon snack, too, or as an inexpensive appetizer at a get-together with friends.

Black Bean Salsa Recipe

This easy, simple and super delicious black bean salsa recipe is tangy, fresh, and vinegary, plus, it’s packed with other great flavors of easy to source ingredients, you probably already have at home! It’s the perfect snack for any occasion.


Ask another Brazilian and they’ll confirm with their mouth full of farofa that you can never go wrong with a churrasco, especially when it comes to celebratory gatherings. Especially when they involve soccer. So heat up the grill and fire up one (or more!) of these savory recipes and enjoy the game like a true Brazilian.

Picanha Recipe – Brazilian Coulotte Steaks

Coulotte steaks aka Brazilian picanha is probably one of the best cuts of meat out there! This cut of beef, although one of the most popular cuts of beef in Brazil, is little known elsewhere. In this post, I’ll walk you through where to buy picanha, and how to make super simple, super delicious picanha steaks on the grill. Plus a bonus egg farofa recipe for the true Brazilian in you!

Chimichurri Wings

These chimichurri chicken wings are amazing! Crispy wings, served with an awesome cilantro chimichurri sauce to give them the fresh kick your summer get togethers deserve. They can be made in the oven, but I’ll say, they’re just PERFECT for the grill. No marinading needed, and everything is ready in about 30 minutes.

Grilled Chicken Hearts

Grilled chicken hearts are a Brazilian barbecue classic that you can easily make at home. Read on through to find out where to buy and how to prepare chicken hearts, and with just 2 ingredients plus a hot grill this easy chicken hearts recipe can be part of your barbecue festa too!

Tri Tip Marinade Recipe

This tri tip marinade recipe will transform an already delicious cut of beef into something even more special. This easy marinade made with fresh orange and lime juice, soy sauce, and spices will not only infuse your tri tip with extra flavor, but it'll also make it extra tender and juicy! Pair it with Brazilian rice and toasted cassava flour for the ultimate Californian-Brazilian fusion!

Beer Marinated Grilled Drumsticks

These Beer Marinated Grilled Drumsticks are a simple masterpiece. A straightforward, budget-friendly recipe that's made for the grill and perfect for feeding a crowd, these little drummies are juicy, charred to perfection and are loaded with smooth, dark beer caramel flavors.

Cocktails and Drinks

It wouldn’t be a celebration without something refreshing to sip while you chat, yell at the TV, and cheer all the gols!!

Brazilian Lemonade Recipe

Oi Gente! Brazilian lemonade is so refreshing and perfect to cool off a hot summer day! So easy to make, ready in less than 5 minutes and uses just 2 ingredients. What is Brazilian Lemonade? Brazilian lemonade, as you probably already noticed from the green photos, is actually Brazilian limeade, made with fresh limes. We

how to make caipirinha

How to Make Caipirinha

The classic caipirinha is the mother of all Brazilian cocktails. This refreshing 3-ingredient drink, is the perfect treat for spending a great summer afternoon with your amigos and familia. It’s a delicious cocktail that pairs wonderfully with a churrasco, and all things grilled. Your summer bbq festas will never be the same!

Two glasses of Caipirinha de Maracuja with passion fruit

Caipirinha de Maracuja – Brazilian Passion Fruit Cocktail

If you love the Brazilian national drink—the classic lime Caipirinha—you'll love this passion fruit version. This 3-ingredient passion fruit cocktail, called a Caipirinha de Maracuja in Portuguese, is sweet, tart and perfect for any time of the year. Like any other flavor of caipirinha, just pair this Passion Fruit Caipirinha with churrasco, grilled dishes, friends and fun, and you're all set for a memorable day full of the best tropical vibes. Recipe makes 2 servings, but is easily doubled.

Batida de Coco – Brazilian Coconut Cocktail

Batida de Coco is a classic Brazilian coconut cocktail that you can make in just a few minutes, with easy to find ingredients. This sweet tropical drink is creamy and full of coconut flavor, bringing a taste of summer to your parties all year round!

Three passion fruit drinks on wood with mint garnishes

Batida de Maracuja – Passion Fruit Cocktail with Vodka

This three ingredient Passion Fruit Cocktail with Vodka is sweet as a summer day and as fun as a vacation. Called a Batida de Maracuja in Portuguese, this passion fruit drink recipe is easy to make and ready in seconds! Great for a lazy day, movie night and ore. The recipe is easily doubled (or tripled) for a party!!

pineapple rum punch

Pineapple Rum Punch Recipe

This Brazilian Pineapple Rum Punch is literally the best way to celebrate SUMMER! A whole fresh pineapple, limes, a little mint, and Brazilian cachaça rum will fill up your pitcher with tropical goodness for you to share with your amigos all summer long. Summer is upon us, amigos, so I’m over here prancing around my

Side Dishes

Complete your churrasco with these classic side dishes.

Brazilian Rice Recipe

This Brazilian white rice recipe is a good one to know! It’s the perfect side dish to just about anything, it’s fluffy, and full of garlicky flavor and it’s super easy to make. Plus, read on through to get all my best tips for cooking perfect rice on the stove. You’ll never eat boring or mushy rice again!

Brazilian Potato Salad

This Brazilian Potato salad is a classic side dish in Brazilian gatherings, especially churrasco barbecues. This cool and creamy dish is perfect for feeding a crowd, and the best part is – you only need about four ingredients to make it. It’s an easy potato dish that pairs with everything all year long, from summer


Farofa | Toasted Cassava Flour

Oi Gente!! Brazilian farofa is a quintessential Brazilian side dish! It pairs wonderfully with many dishes, like rice and beans, stews and barbecue! This toasted cassava flour recipe is ready in under 10 minutes and will add a special bacony crunch to your next meal. Brazilian Kitchen Abroad is a participant in the Amazon Services

Brazilian Pasta Salad with Mayo

This Pasta Salad with Mayo is a classic Brazilian side dish that's a great recipe to bring along for a barbecue. Made with fusili pasta, peas, corn, diced ham and more, this flavor-packed pasta dish is perfect for sharing. No matter what you make Brazilian Pasta Salad for, this easy recipe is sure to add pops of flavor and a familiar, yet slightly different twist to a classic many people already know and love.

Molho a Campanha – Brazilian Salsa Vinaigrette

Oi Gente!! If you ask me, there is no complete churrasco without Molho a Campanha (Brazilian salsa).  If you don’t already know, Molho a Campanha is a bright vinaigrette simply made with diced tomatoes, green bell peppers, and onions.  It is a must have side dish in Brazilian barbecues!  Why?  Because this little sauce is

Easy Desserts

No party is ever complete without a delicious dessert. Check out these delectable desserts that are perfect for a gathering, some of which are no bake or perfect make-ahead recipes. You know, so you can sit down and only stress about the game!

Two small containers of passion fruit mousse with mint and seed garnishes

Passion Fruit Mousse

This creamy, tart Brazilian Passion Fruit Mousse is an incredibly delicious, make-ahead dessert. It’s a classic Brazilian dessert that’s made with just three ingredients! This easy mousse recipe is light and fluffy, simple to make and also wonderfully balanced. Double the recipe for a celebration!

A Brazilian Flan on a white plate

Brazilian Flan Recipe

This Brazilian Flan recipe with condensed milk, also known as pudim de leite condensado in Portuguese, is creamy, sweet and utterly delicious. A stunning and fun jiggly dessert with a decadent caramel sauce, great for special occasions like holidays, or just because. This make-ahead dessert may look fancy but is actually quite easy to make! Check it out!

Pudim de Tapioca – Brazilian Tapioca Pudding Recipe

Tapioca pudding is a classic dessert all over the world, and today I’ll show you the Brazilian way to make it. And what that means is, all the creaminess, milkiness and sweetness you already know, with a different shape, texture and a touch of coconut. It’s comfort food at its best!

Pavê de Chocolate – No Bake Chocolate Biscuit Cake Recipe

This no bake chocolate biscuit cake recipe is the perfect dessert for any occasion. It’s made with tea biscuits, and an easy to make chocolate cream, all topped with a chocolate ganache and loads of sprinkles. Decorate it with your favorite berries, and this unique chocolate treat becomes a beautiful dessert to bring to any dinner party. Plus, it’s FUN and easy to make with just a bowl and a spoon!

Key Lime Cake Recipe

This beautiful key lime cake is moist, crumbly, and made with easy-to-find ingredients. But the best part is, this pretty cake is topped with a sweet limy cream that tastes JUST like key lime pie! It’s seriously so good!

Churro Cake

This Brazilian Churro Cake Recipe features sweet sticky dulce de leche in between layers of moist and buttery cinnamon cake, all wrapped with cinnamon sugar all around. It’s a beautiful cake that’s easy to make and perfect for many occasions, like birthdays and beyond!

Brigadeiro Cake Recipe

This Brigadeiro cake recipe makes three layers of moist, tender crumb, super chocolaty cake and a smooth, ooey-gooey fudgy brigadeiro frosting and filling, that you can decorate with ALL. THE. SPRINKLES!

A rainbow fudge balls sits in the middle of a plate of chocolate Brazilian truffles

Brigadeiro Recipe – Brazilian Fudge Balls

Brigadeiro is one of the most classic Brazilian desserts and party treat. This simple recipe is ready in no time and will satisfy all your sweet cravings.

Close up of Brazilian coconut balls on a platter and garnished with whole cloves

Beijinho de Coco – Brazilian Coconut Balls Recipe with Condensed Milk

Nearly as famous as Brigadeiros, these beijinhos de coco are an easy 4-ingredient Brazilian coconut balls recipe your familia and amigos will LOVE. They're essentially coconut fudge rolled into bite-sized balls, that are sinfully sweet and delicious, cute as buttons and great for parties and holidays year round. They're even great to make as a gift.

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