13+ Tropical Cocktails to Sip All Year Long

These deliciously fun tropical cocktails will have you feeling you’re on vacation all year long! We’ve got more than 13 perfect beach drinks filled with tropical fruity flavors like passion fruit, pineapple, coconut and guava mixed with cachaça, rum and more! These easy, icy cold recipes are guaranteed to become your favorite way to get away and unwind right at home.

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Oi gente!

Tropical drinks are the perfect and easiest way to get your vacation vibes rolling. And with the help of this list, you’re just one sip away from feeling you’re living your best life… while pretending you have salty hair and sand between your toes.

These tropical cocktail recipes are your one-way ticket to perfect beach drinks loaded with the best fruity tropical flavors. They can brighten a rainy day or make any regular pool day feel a lot more… tiki-tastic.

Of course, our list is loaded with Brazilian drinks from caipirinhas to creamy batidas, and drinks featuring cachaça, Brazil’s distilled liquor made from the fermentation of raw sugarcane juice.

But we’ve also got you covered with other tropical classics, such as classic mojitos and fun versions of these drinks, like this guava mojito.

Treat yourself to one, two or all of these. They sure taste like paradise and might even transport you to your own private imaginary island.

Get your mini umbrellas ready, and enjoy!


Guava nectar is poured over mojito ingredients in a large glass

What counts as a tropical cocktail?

While there’s no official definition, I think it’s safe to say that signature cocktails from tropical countries and cocktails made with tropical fruits, like passion fruit, guava, pineapple and coconut, all count as tropical cocktails.

I also think of spirits, like cachaça and rum, which are liquors originating from tropical countries and widely used in their local libations. White rum, spiced rum, coconut rum and dark rum all sing in a tropical cocktail. Tequila, when paired with the right ingredients, can also taste beachy, too. (I mean, who doesn’t enjoy an ice cold margarita on a hot day?)

In addition to these liquors, other common ingredients are tropical fruits. Some recipes will call for fruit juices, while others call for frozen fruit or pulp.

Cream of coconut, a creamy and sweet coconut syrup, is another common ingredient that adds sweet tropical flavor to cocktails and summer drinks.

Tools & tricks to make tropical drinks:

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You can’t mix a drink at home without a few tools!

Here are some of my favorites…

Our Favorite Tropical Cocktails:

how to make caipirinha

How to Make Caipirinha

Biased or not, we just couldn’t start our list with any other cocktail if not with the classic caipirinha – the mother of all Brazilian cocktails. This refreshing 3-ingredient drink is the perfect treat for spending a great summer afternoon with your amigos and familia. It’s a delicious cocktail that pairs wonderfully with a churrasco and all things grilled.

Two glasses of Caipirinha de Maracuja with passion fruit

Caipirinha de Maracuja – Brazilian Passion Fruit Cocktail

If you love the classic lime Caipirinha, you’ll love this passion fruit version. This 3-ingredient passion fruit cocktail, called a Caipirinha de Maracuja in Portuguese, is sweet, tart and perfect for any time of the year. Like any other flavor of caipirinha, just pair this Passion Fruit Caipirinha with churrasco, grilled dishes, friends and fun, and you’re all set for a memorable day full of the best tropical vibes.

Margarita Pitcher – Classic Margarita Recipe

No beach day is complete without an icy cold Margarita! This classic Margarita recipe is made with four simple ingredients and in pitcher form, so it yields about eight strong servings. After all, who wants to have their fun interrupted to make more drinks and keep the party going?

Passion Fruit Margarita Recipe

Margaritas are a great tropical cocktail, and this Fresh Passion Fruit Margarita recipe is a delicious version that’s easy to whip up any day of the week. Made with simple ingredients, this colorful cocktail tastes like a vacation in a glass!

Two Coconut Margaritas garnished with coconut and lime on marble next to colorful blue tile

Coconut Margarita

Mixing up a Coconut Margarita is one of the best ways to celebrate summer all year long. This coconut cocktail recipe is easy to make and dangerously delicious! All you need are four ingredients and a blender to make this tropical margarita.

Batida de Coco – Brazilian Coconut Cocktail

Batida de Coco is a classic Brazilian coconut cocktail that you can make in just a few minutes, with easy-to-find ingredients. This sweet tropical drink is creamy and full of coconut flavor, bringing a taste of summer to your parties all year round!

Three passion fruit drinks on wood with mint garnishes

Batida de Maracuja – Passion Fruit Cocktail with Vodka

This three ingredient Passion Fruit Cocktail with Vodka is sweet as a summer day and as fun as a vacation. Called a Batida de Maracuja in Portuguese, this passion fruit drink recipe is easy to make and ready in seconds! Great for a lazy day, movie night and more. The recipe is easily doubled (or tripled) for a party!!

Two Guava Rum Cocktails garnished with mint and surrounded by ice

Guava Mojito

These Guava Mojitos are so refreshing and easy to make. Made with white rum, lime juice, fresh mint, guava nectar and simple syrup, this guava cocktail sings of tropical flavors! Just a sip will help you escape to a tropical paradise.

pineapple rum punch

Pineapple Rum Punch Recipe

This Brazilian Pineapple Rum Punch is literally the best way to celebrate SUMMER! A whole fresh pineapple, limes, a little mint and Brazilian cachaça rum will fill up your pitcher with tropical goodness for you to share with your amigos all summer long.

Non-Alcoholic Tropical Drinks

Brazilian Lemonade Recipe

Brazilian lemonade is so refreshing and perfect to cool off on a hot summer day! This recipe is so easy to make, ready in less than 5 minutes and uses just 2 ingredients.

Two cups of passion fruit juice garnished with ice and mint next to purple passion fruit

How to Make Passion Fruit Juice

Passion Fruit Juice is so simple to make at home! All you need is passion fruit puree and a few other ingredients to make this refreshing fruit juice.

two papaya banana smoothies in mason jars on a marble countertop surrounded by fresh fruit

Tropical Smoothie Recipe

This vegan tropical smoothie recipe is filled with delicious tropical flavors that will start your day off right. It’s packed with papaya, banana, coconut milk, and some oats for extra power! Fantastic for a nutritious breakfast on the go or an afternoon pick-me-up.

Classic Tropical Cocktails

We can’t talk about tropical cocktails without mentioning some of these timeless classics, too.

collage showing four different tropical drinks

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